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20th June 2018 
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Counselling and Therapy in Brighton & Hove

I live and work in the Hanover area of Brighton, and have been practising as a humanistic2 counsellor for over 20 years.

The Hanover area of Brighton is near Queen's Park.1 Map

What sort of clients do I work with?

I see a lot of clients who identify as addicts, or who have problems with compulsive behaviours, particularly those struggling with behavioural addictions such as gambling, sex or pornography addiction.

I am willing to talk through any other difficulties you may have, whether these come under the heading of addiction/compulsion or not. These include depression and anxiety, as well as relationship problems, sexuality and sexual identity.

Sex addiction, including addiction to pornography, is an area that I have particular experience of working with.3

I work more or less exclusively with individuals, and might just occasionally see couples. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page (note 4) for more information.

I do not work with anyone under the age of 25.

My work space is accessible by wheelchair - though please see note 18 under the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Access and Parking

Until recently there has been unrestricted parking in this area. Since the beginning of October parking in the area has been controlled, and is no longer free.

For more information, please see question 18 under FAQs.

Making Contact

Please feel free to contact me either by ‘phone on 01273 239597 or by email, and I shall be happy to arrange an initial session to talk through your concerns.

I do not charge for your first session . This gives us both a chance to see whether we can work together, without your having to commit financially at this stage.

I can usually offer my services at a reduced rate to those who cannot afford to pay my full standard rate.

I can also offer counselling at a reduced rate to counsellor training students. Please note, however, that, if your course provider requires you to have a counsellor accredited with either BACP or UKCP, then I shall not be able to serve you.

For more information on fees and contact please see the Fees Availability & Contact page.

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Please Note

There is a cat and a very friendly dog in the house. My services may not therefore be suitable to anyone with pet allergies.

Addiction and Twelve-Step Fellowships

I am very familiar with twelve-step fellowships (on the model of Alcoholics Anonymous) and recognise both their benefits and limitations. Though I no longer go to meetings, I attended 12-step groups for nearly 20 years, and shall always be grateful for the support that I found there.

I will always support clients in finding support through groups, and I see no conflict between attending a group and working with me.

I also understand that some clients do not like groups of any sort. In other words, I will work with you whether you want to continue to be supported by a self-help group, or do not find such support helpful.


1The Hanover area of Brighton lies between the Lewes Road and Queen's Park, not far from Kemptown. For more details see the Fees Availability & Contact page. Map

2For more information on humanistic counselling please see Frequently Asked Questions, note 1

3For more information on sex and pornography addiction please see Frequently Asked Questions, note 2

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